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Tapadas, Saints and

Other Heroines



The Feminine Mystique: A Micro-Interview with Kathy Bruce  |  Porter House Review

By Carolyn Frost, March 08, 2021

Tapadas, Saints and Other Heroines is the winning work in Visual Art for the 2019 Editor’s Prize contest. In this microinterview, Caroline Frost and Tapadas artist, Kathy Bruce, meditate on the relationship between humans and the natural world, historical archetypes of women, the female form, and Kathy’s artistic influences.


In her artwork, Kathy Bruce explores archetypal female and mythological forms within the context of poetry, literature and the natural environment. I am generally drawn to collage’s pastiche nature, as well as its conservational mode through the repurposing of print media, but Kathy’s work especially intrigued me. Established interactions between female figures and the natural world juxtapose dated garments and other material objects, generating thoughts on historical social constructs that have determined the treatment and placement of women. Kathy has received the Nature Conservancy’s Nature is Everywhere Grant, the Fulbright-Hayes Senior Research-Lecturing Grant, and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship Award, among many others. Her work has been featured in the Alexandria Quarterly, OSEF newsletter, Gasher Journal, Minding Nature Journal, and multiple articles, essays and anthologies. She currently resides in Upstate New York.


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